A cancer; not on a human, but a tree…

It was last December when myself and three other batch mates made a visit to the Kanneliya forest reserve. Going into details, it is a tropical rain forest reserve, located south (south east to be frank) of the Sinharaja rain forest and is in collaboration with the KDN (Kannelia-Dediyagala-Nakiyadeniya) reserves. We took the Kabbale Kanda route this time as I had covered all the other routes by then. On the descend, we came across this giant cancer in the tree… Observe its gigantic size (which actually over whelmed me with passion to learn more about these stuff…)     Continue reading A cancer; not on a human, but a tree…

Red Pierrot | Talicada nyseus

Belonging to the family of Lycaenidae, this is a small butterfly that can be seen in the home gardens and shrub lands all over the country. But still, this was the one and only Red Pierrot I have seen around my home. And turns out that roaming around in the morning doesn’t mean nothing as I am always able to click at least one new bugger out there. (info source : A pocket guide to the Butterflies of Sri Lanka by BCSSL.)   Continue reading Red Pierrot | Talicada nyseus

Common Silverline or Plumbeous Silverline..?

This photo was clicked at kalu Ganga reservoir construction site at about 6p.m, last June. The temperature was hot and it was a relatively dry season in the vicinity. The size of the butterfly is small and was sitting in a height of about 20 cm above  the ground level for a while. Just looked it up in the butterfly guide and am confused whether it is a Common Silverline or a Plumbeous Silverline. I am positive this is a Plumbeous considering the narrow-ness of the yellow gap between the 3rd and 4th bands from the base. But nwould like … Continue reading Common Silverline or Plumbeous Silverline..?

A Nephila pilipes; is that a human face..?

This is a kind of common spider found in Sri Lanka. I clicked this bugger on a hike to Manigala, within the Knuckles forest reserve last June. As per its usual behavior, the web was woven across the trail which was the only reason that made me click it as I am not much interested in spiders. My travels partners commented that they see a human face on its prosoma (head and thorax  area) so did I and you can give it a try your self. However, you can distinguish this spider from others very easily by its large size … Continue reading A Nephila pilipes; is that a human face..?

Fatherhood of a Black-rumped Flameback

This photo was clicked at Kalu Ganga reservoir construction site, Laggala in last June, 2017. It was the morning and I heard this ki-ki-krrr noise when I got out of the room to make a call. My instincts made me step up for some investigation; so i found this wood pecker feeding the babies. This burrow is some what 40 feet up in a dried up branch of a tree and the wood pecker made frequent visits within about 4-5 minutes with food to feed the babies. I think that I saw another grown up wood pecker inside the burrow … Continue reading Fatherhood of a Black-rumped Flameback