If you really like it, don’t try to click it.

Today, spending my vacation, watched the movie ‘The secret life of Walter Mitty’. A fantasy / drama movie which describes the end of the career of a 16 year dedicated employee under the job title ‘negative assets manager’ in the ‘Life’ magazine which is about to be closed and so on… well, this little note is not to describe the plot of the movie, but to weigh a single line that I saw (and heard) in the movie. That is ;       ‘If you really like the moment, don’t click it. Just live in it.’ Regardless of who … Continue reading If you really like it, don’t try to click it.

Common Leopard | Phalanta phalantha

This is a common migratory species which is also known as Spotted Rustic. Notice that the outer margin of the hind wing is wavy and the black marks along it are almost uniform. The new born butterflies have a purplish shade as well as one of the sub species does. This species is found throughout the country and can be seen roaming around their LFPs usually as it is said to be a sun loving butterfly. (source of info: A pocket guide to Butterflies of Sri Lanka by BCSSL.) Continue reading Common Leopard | Phalanta phalantha


මහ ලොකු බලාපොරොත්තු නැතිව, සරලවම තමන් ලාලසයෙන් මුසපත් කරවන යමක් කරමින් දිවි ගෙවීමට ඇත්නම් මැනවි යැ යි තරයේම සිතෙමින් පවතින්නේ කුමන හේතුවක් නිසාදැ යි පැහැදිලි නැත. අතිශය විසම සමාජ පැතිකඩක් ඇසුරට වැටී ඇති නිසාත්, මා තුල ලාලසයක් ජනිත නොකරවන විෂයන් කිහිපයක් තුළ මගේ බඩ පිණුම් බලාපොරොත්තුවන පිරිසක් ප්‍රේක්ෂකාගාරයේ සිටින නිසාත්, සත්‍යවම මා තුළ ලාලසය ඇති කරවන විෂය පථයක් මට හමුවී ඇති නිසාත්, මට එසේ සිතේ ය යැයි හිත හදාගැනීමට සිදුව ඇත. කෙසේ හෝ වේවා මට නම මතක නැති දෙවියකු පවා දෙවිකම පසෙක තබා කරුමය ගෙවෙන්නට ඇතෙකු වී බට කැලයක බට දඬු කමින් ජීවත් වූවාක් මෙන්, මමත් මාගේ ලාලසාවන් පසෙකලා ආර්ථිකවාදී … Continue reading ලාලසාව


It is hard to find what truly amuses a person. Regarding me, ‘Nature’ would be the perfect answer for the question ‘what amuses you the most..?’ Despite of my mental condition, the bluish greenery of the distant mountains, the large animals and the birds were capable to make the ‘inner me’ so calm and give it a consolement. The newest field that made me feel so was Butterflies and Dragonflies. Even though I don’t know much about those tiny insects, who are so colourful and soundless, the exposure to the people who know about them made me interested about them. These … Continue reading Amusement

Independence ; since 1948.

The National Independence Day of Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka is coming up on 04th February. Defining the word ‘independence’ in the above sentence, it is the fact that independence of administration of Sri Lankan territory is officially given to the Sri Lankans by the British crown. As a child I used to celebrate this event with my chest, full of pride about our nation and the brave souls who fought against the invaders. Looking back, I’d say that it was just because my adults tended me to do so. As  I gained more exposure to the society and … Continue reading Independence ; since 1948.