Hunnasgiriya ; where my roots lie

First I would like to clear off a miss conception of people thinking this is the Hunnasgiriya you come across on the way to Mahiyanganaya. But ‘no’. This is a conical mountain that stands west of the Knuckles range with an altitude of about 1500 m and is one of the catchment areas of Amban ganga and Hulu ganga. There are two trails to reach the peak ; from Elkaduwa side and from Panwila side. As per information I collected, we decided to ascend from the Panwila side and back-route as Elkaduwa trail was said to be not very clear. … Continue reading Hunnasgiriya ; where my roots lie

A one day hike to Manigala

  This is actually a three day tour and it had a hike to Manigala in the day in middle. On day one, we (three males and two females) got onto a bus at about 11.30 a.m from Kandy to reach Dambulla. We reached Dambulla in about two hours time and had the lunch there. Then we took a Mahiyanganaya via Kalu ganga bus to reach Kalu ganga where we had a generous host. We (another female joined the company) spent the night there and took a private vehicle from Kalu ganga at about 7 O’clock in the morning (29th … Continue reading A one day hike to Manigala