Hunnasgiriya ; where my roots lie

First I would like to clear off a miss conception of people thinking this is the Hunnasgiriya you come across on the way to Mahiyanganaya. But ‘no’. This is a conical mountain that stands west of the Knuckles range with an altitude of about 1500 m and is one of the catchment areas of Amban ganga and Hulu ganga. There are two trails to reach the peak ; from Elkaduwa side and from Panwila side. As per information I collected, we decided to ascend from the Panwila side and back-route as Elkaduwa trail was said to be not very clear. … Continue reading Hunnasgiriya ; where my roots lie

A one day hike to Manigala

  This is actually a three day tour and it had a hike to Manigala in the day in middle. On day one, we (three males and two females) got onto a bus at about 11.30 a.m from Kandy to reach Dambulla. We reached Dambulla in about two hours time and had the lunch there. Then we took a Mahiyanganaya via Kalu ganga bus to reach Kalu ganga where we had a generous host. We (another female joined the company) spent the night there and took a private vehicle from Kalu ganga at about 7 O’clock in the morning (29th … Continue reading A one day hike to Manigala

Hawagala ; A hike to remember…

As usual, the members of Mora Hiking club gathered in front of the University main gate at about 3:30 a.m. and took off to Hawagala on the bus we had hired. We reached Balangoda, had the breakfast there and headed to the University of Sabaragamuwa to collect our lunch packets. Then we came back towards Balangoda and took the road towards Udagalagama to reach the mountain. It was about 10 O’clock when we reached Udagalagama as we had to wait until the breakfast was prepared and wait some time to collect the lunch packets as well. We had to leave … Continue reading Hawagala ; A hike to remember…

If you really like it, don’t try to click it.

Today, spending my vacation, watched the movie ‘The secret life of Walter Mitty’. A fantasy / drama movie which describes the end of the career of a 16 year dedicated employee under the job title ‘negative assets manager’ in the ‘Life’ magazine which is about to be closed and so on… well, this little note is not to describe the plot of the movie, but to weigh a single line that I saw (and heard) in the movie. That is ;       ‘If you really like the moment, don’t click it. Just live in it.’ Regardless of who … Continue reading If you really like it, don’t try to click it.