These are one of the best dwelling makers in the nature. There are two species of weaver birds in Sri Lanka. One being the Baya Weaver and the other, Streaked Weaver. Both the species live in flocks and spend very social lives.

There are several significant facts about their nests and here are some facts which made me so fascinated about them;

  • The male bird makes the nest with leaves and small sticks.
  • Usually nests are woven in trees hanging over water by Baya Weavers and on reeds and low bushes by Streaked Weavers to minimize predator attacks.
  • Even though the nest is fully built, the female bird will reject it if it is not comfortable enough! So the male bird will have to build another one which meets the standards of the wify.
  •  This results in single tree to have so many fake nests which will ultimately reduce predator attacks. (Some say that these guys intentionally build pseudo nests to divert predators.)

So here are some pictures I clicked of Weavers in Sri Lanka… (move the cursor over the images for caption to popup.)


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