In pursuit of hidden beauty…

This was a hike that I took part from a club that I am a member of. The hike was into the Knuckles massif and in search of waterfalls hidden in the vicinity. To keep them hidden, I don’t intend to reveal the way to reach them. The main cascade is visible from far away, but the rest of the cascades are hidden unless you hike up to them.

The hike turned into a trek as the weather was rainy and the upper parts of the falls were so high, that they were within the clouds. The trails were unclear and was slippery. The mist was thick that you cannot see beyond few meters ahead and the leech attack was moderate that only a person with true passion of peeking into the nature would return on those trails again.

Hereby I’d present some of my clicks and intend to say no more…

The main cascade.
Natural framing
Cloudy forests…
Thick mist.



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