Common Tailorbird; Equilibrium


It is so fascinating to watch how nature maintain its natural flow of events. From the mass flows of earth to the daily routine of  a micro-organism, it is always having something to be discovered and get amused about.

One such thing I am so interested in is the natural balance of organisms. As I am not formally educated about this specific subject, I will be using my own words to describe what I think of it.

During primary education, we were taught about the food chains and food webs where each and every living organism in the world are placed. In context, it states that the organisms within a local area would be limited to a certain amount depending on the availability of food and other resources. Various adaptations shown by different species of organisms as well as various habits they posses help to keep that limit a constant so that there would not be any overpopulated species within the vicinity.

Throughout my journeys around the country and forests, I have seen this scenario taking place. Specially when the bee-eaters catches prey (let’s assume they catch dragonflies), dragonflies catch smaller insects and those smaller creatures depend on small plant materials.

The picture above is of a ‘Common Tailorbird’ clicked at the Beddagana Wetland Park in a morning at about 9:30 a.m. It is a bird that usually spend the day jumping and having short flights in shrubby areas in search of invertebrates. The name Tailorbird is given because the female sews the leaves together to form a nest.

Seeing this incident on the day and with the above facts about the equilibrium of organisms in mind, I had a deep thought about the booming human population on earth on my way back from the park.

We are going to suffer a lot as a species of animals for the sake of disobeying the natural equilibrium.


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