A field visit to the Low country – Wet zone

It was the last week of July 2017 last week and I spent a week in the vicinity mentioned. Within the time period, I was able to visit Seethawaka Botanical Gardens, Baddagana Wetland Park (twice) and Thalawathugoda Biodiversity Park.

I thought of presenting you some of the butterflies and dragonflies that I clicked at the visits. But I would intentionally spare presenting details of them as I am going to caption them with the IDs of the species as per my knowledge. So you can do your own research on further details. As well, there will be some photographs where I have not mentioned the taxonomy, which means i am not able to identify them.

So, enjoy ! 🙂

Tailed jay .jpg
Tailed Jay
Tawny coster
A swift.jpg
Must be a Swift, but I couldn’t Id the exact species.
Asian groundling .jpg
Asian groundling
Blue glassy tiger.jpg
Blue Glassy Tiger
Common banded awl.jpg
Common Banded Awl
Common crow.jpg
Common crow
Common palmfly.jpg
Common palmfly
Geometridae – a moth
Glassy tiger.jpg
Glassy tiger
Green skimmer.jpg
Green skimmer
Grey pansy (2).jpg
Grey pansy
Lemon Emigrant .jpg
Lemon Emigrant
Lime butterfly (2).jpg
Lime butterfly
Medus brown.jpg
Medus brown
Mottled emigrant.jpg
Mottled Emigrant
peacock royal.jpg
Peacock royal
Pied parasol (female).jpg
Pied parsol (female)
Pied parasol (male) .jpg
Pied parsol (male)
Pink skimmer 1 .jpg
Pink skimmer
Sombre lieutenant (male) .jpg
Sombre lietunant (male)
Sri Lankan black tipped flashwing.jpg
Sri Lankan Black Tipped Flashwing
Variegated flutterer (1).jpg
Variegated flutterer
Yellow wax tail.jpg
Yellow wax tail

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