Seethawaka Botanical Gardens

This is a tropical wet zone botanical garden which is situated beside Thummodara-Puwakpitiya road. So you can easily find it on the G-maps and follow the route. Located so close to the capital, it is providing a location for pre-shoots, wedding photo shoots and music video productions recently.

I have visited this place once before with my relatives. Then I was not much into nature studies, so didn’t notice the diversity it held. But this visit I made recently was purely for studies. which made me to forget clicking the sceneries, but fauna.

The garden has paved roads, resting points, view points, several garden plots specified for a habitat, several ponds and a lake. So it is for sure that this is an ideal place to visit on a short holiday for Colombo people to get the stress relieved. But be mindful not to disturb the others who visit the place and specially not to disturb the junior school which is situated in the neighbourhood.


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