Asupini Ella

Asupini Ella from the view point…

Asupini ella is situated in Maha oya, which starts from the Dolosbage range and goes all the way down to the sea without flowing into any other major river. There are two ways to reach this beauty which is situated in the boundary of the Sabaragamuwa and Central provinces. First is to go to Aranayaka via Mawanella and then take the road up to the falls. Though this is the famous path, we took the other way around. It is to reach Gampola and take a Uduwalla bus to its last stop and then hike for 1.5 k.m in a relatively flat road compared to the 6.5 k.m from Aranayaka to the falls with an elevation gain of about 400m.

As per reviews, there is a folklore that the falls make a roar once in a while and a human sacrifice will be taken within several days following it. As well, it is said that some king has made his horse jump over the falls has given it the name ’Asu-Pani-ella’ (the falls over which the horse jumped) and then it is amended to ‘Asupini Ella’.


  • The road to the falls is very poor in status. So only a 4 by 4 or a motor bike would be able to take you all the way up to the falls.
  • As well, I must thank ‘Jeewe’ who told us about the alternative route and kept away the burden of an uphill hike.

As we visited the place in the morning, we decided to visit the famous ‘Dewanagala Rajamaha Viharaya’ in the evening and did so. The article on it will be uploaded soon.


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