Bathalegala; the best view for the least effort.

Bathalegala as seen from the Kadugannawa pass. Devanagala is also visible in it. (Image is from web. Photo credit goes to the original owner.)

Bathalegala or the Bible rock is the isolated rock which is similar to Sigiriya in shape which you can see very clearly from the Kadugannawa pass. It is about 800 meters in height and is a very popular destination for hikers. I also see it as a good place to begin hiking as it offers a great view with a less effort in hiking. (specially if you can arrange a vehicle to go all the way up to the trail head.)

Aranayaka landslide as seen from the road on our way to Hathgampala from Gewilipitiya.

But we (7 males of 21 years of age), who always take the hard way, gathered at about 6 a.m. to Kandy and took a bus to Mawanella in a sunny day of July 2017. Then you have two options depending on your timing; first is to take a Debathgama bus (which is going only in once a while.) so that you can get down from Hathgampla and walk the 2.5 km to reach the trail head or to take an Aranayaka bus and get down from Gewilipitiya and walk another two extra kilometers to reach Hathgampala. Guess what, we went on with the second option.

There is a little sign board on the second story of the shop… so it is a right turn at here ; Hathgampala.

So it was a total of about  4 and a half kilometers walk for us to reach the trail head in which the first two kilometer (until reaching Hathgampala) is a totally flat road and the latter two and a half is a continuous ascend of about 300 meters in altitude.

The flank side of the rock as seen from Hathgampala. Aaand you may see a yellow sign board at the bottom right corner of the picture which was the last. But there were no junctions there after. Just a continuous ascend.
Off the road and hitting the trails…

The last part of the hike is to climb the main rock body, which has made so damn easy by concrete steps and stone stairs. The summit is flat and has two view points at the southern end and the northern end. (Actually, those are south-eastern and north-western ends…) Southern end has a little shrine and a boo tree along with an “aawaasayak”. But no one was there by the time we reached there.

Stepping onto the main rock body…

The southern end offered a good view of the Aranayaka kanda, where that massive landslide occurred, the plains towards the Dadigama side, the Asupini ella along with the Dolosbage range (Kabaragala) in the backdrop and Ambuluwawa peak while the northern view point offered Hanthana range, Balungala, Alagalla, Uthuwan kanda while u can observe the Ura kanda  and Devanagala rock as well.

Towards the southern end of the rock…
Aranayaka kanda with its massive landslide.
Red star – Ambuluwawa | Yellow star – Asupini Ella | Blue star – Either Gewilipitiya or Aranayaka town.
Red star – Asupini Ella | Blue star – Kabaragala followed by the Dolosbage range | Green arrow – Aranayaka kanda
Dedigama side…
A pano at the southern end… the closer mountain to the right of Aranayaka is the Ura kanda.
Ura kanda again. As seen from the place where you get onto the summit.
A pano at the north end.
Red star – Ura kanda | Orange star – Awungala | Yellow star – Uthuwan kanda | Green star – Gonagala side | Purple star – Mawanella town | Blue star – Alagalla range | stripe – Hunnasgiriya | Orange dot – Balana | Yellow dot – Balumgala | Red dot – Dewanagala | Green dot – Hanthana range | Blue dot – Ambuluwawa peak

We spent about an hour on the top in both the view points and had our lunch at the top as well. Then we got down on the same route with a little hope to explore Asupini ella as well. But the villagers said the time is not sufficient to fulfill our quest within the day as we are going to use public transportation.

On the way back ; The usual message – DO NOT leave behind any litter… that white bag is our trash collection.

So we postponed chasing the waterfall and returned homes safely with the joy of  completing another hike…

The gang…

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