A Nephila pilipes; is that a human face..?


This is a kind of common spider found in Sri Lanka. I clicked this bugger on a hike to Manigala, within the Knuckles forest reserve last June. As per its usual behavior, the web was woven across the trail which was the only reason that made me click it as I am not much interested in spiders.

My travels partners commented that they see a human face on its prosoma (head and thorax  area) so did I and you can give it a try your self.

However, you can distinguish this spider from others very easily by its large size web woven across large gaps, black and long appendages and the two yellow stripes down the posterior part followed by the transverse yellow band on the dorsum.

(info source: An introduction to common spiders of Sri Lanka by Ranil P. Nanayakkara.)



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