If you really like it, don’t try to click it.


Today, spending my vacation, watched the movie ‘The secret life of Walter Mitty’. A fantasy / drama movie which describes the end of the career of a 16 year dedicated employee under the job title ‘negative assets manager’ in the ‘Life’ magazine which is about to be closed and so on… well, this little note is not to describe the plot of the movie, but to weigh a single line that I saw (and heard) in the movie.

That is ;       ‘If you really like the moment, don’t click it. Just live in it.’

Regardless of who said it to whom and even though whether it is really said, still it was felt by me, because I was already believing it. If you face a specific moment in the life that you really really enjoy, you would not need to take a photograph of it simply because it will surely rest in your heart forever.

So, next time you face such a moment, try not to click it but to embrace it the best you may.


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