EXMO 2017 ; A post script


Civil Engineering Exhibits.JPGThough it is about a month since the function happened and couldn’t note down a word regarding it, thought of putting up a note at least now.

EXMO 2107 happened to be the largest engineering and innovation exhibition held in the country. Held by a prominent technical university of Sri Lanka, university of Moratuwa, I am pretty sure that the people who came to see it were effected by it in several ways.

First, the school children and other bright minds who came to feel the subjects are sure to be inspired. The younger minds would have gotten the inspiration they needed to excel in the academics and the others would have seen the horizons of the technologies in Sri Lanka even as a third world (some call it a still developing) country.

As  well, the general public who came to see the exhibition, with no much technical knowledge, but with common senses must have seen that the government university students are not people that just protest and get chased away by the police as per ordered by the political hierarchy  (well, that is the image the mass media is feeding  the general public with.) but are best in their fields.

Then there is this third party, which have been hurt by seeing it. A fraction of this party degrade this effort to trend Science and Technology within the country just because it is done by the University of Moratuwa and the other fraction does so because it is done by a government university into which they couldn’t get in even though they were privileged to get educated in a state college funded by the government.

Well, I don’t intend to answer that third party via this article. But I intend to speak up about another party, which didn’t come and put up their reasons why they didn’t come.

Summarizing what they said to me ;

‘We are not eligible to comprehend an engineering exhibition’ (an undergraduate in Science in a state university.) ,

‘Didn’t have time bro.’ (some fellow engineering students in a state university.) ,

‘I have no reason to come.’ (an undergraduate of IT in a private university)

and the list goes on as I invited almost all my whatsapp contacts with a message.


Addressing the above three parties ;

engineering is the application of sciences in practical world… being a science student, how couldn’t he/she not understand the content of an engineering exhibition..? a pure LOL there.

For my fellow engineering colleague, I am disappointed.

For that no reason person, well, it is even disgusting to have a person with such attitudes in my contact list.

Winding up the article, it is a must to state that the reason for this country still to be an undeveloped / still developing (or whatever you call it) is nothing else, but the attitude the citizens of the country bear.


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