Marbled White Moth | Nyctemera coleta


First, you must observe that this has a non-club shaped antenna making it off the sub-order of butterflies and place itself in the order of Lepidoptera – Moths. Further more, it has a resting posture in which its wings are kept downward rather than the butterflies which does not. (Observe the second picture)

White mDSC_0257-01arble moth is also known as White tiger moth. The subject in the picture is a Nyctemera coleta nigrovenosa Moore ; which is the Sri Lankan sub species.

This seems almost same as Tigers in butterfly group in wing pattern at once. (There is a picture of a Tiger in the account. Try identifying differences.)
The photo was clicked at a Kandyan home garden under sunny conditions in a morning at about 8 a.m. The tree on which it feeds is a curry leaf plant (Murraya koenigii) and it rests on a Pepper (Piper nigrum) plant.

Must thank Mr Thisaru Guruge (@thisarug) for identification. Source of info : web.

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