Sri Lankan Whipping Frog ; Endemic


Though most of the Sri Lankans boast about the beauty of the nature of this paradise island, they just explain it literally but not with facts.

Sri Lanka has a massive diversity in tree frogs, a kind of frogs that have adapted themselves to live and complete its life cycle being arboreal.

This bugger is a Sri Lankan whipping from or is also known as Common Hourglass frog and has the binomial name polypedates cruciger. It is endemic to Sri Lanka and is categorized under least concern in IUCN red list – 2004 as it has shown a stable population and due to its adaptation skill to human interference. (The frog is on a steel bar even in the picture… So yes, it comes near the human habitats.)

Unfortunately, I couldn’t find out the location  of this sighting and related data as this was not clicked by me.

The photo credit goes to my Father while the identification credit goes to Mr. David Buttle.

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