Balumgala ; an ancient observation point

The rock face in the middle of the image is the Balumgala. (Image from G maps)

When you drive up the Kadugannawa pass, or are coming by rail it is possible to see a big rock standing just in right of the road ; which is the Balumgala rock which was used by the ancient Kandyans to keep an eye on any enemies approaching the kingdom by west. It has a glamorous view and even the Mawanella area is visible.

In ancient times, if any threat was detected, a signal from Balumgala was sent to Balana fort (which I hope to visit in near future) and the signal was further conveyed from there onward from peak to peak.

Kadugannawa pass down below (Both highway and rail road are visible) , Mawanella valley, Uthuwankanda (not so clear in the picture) and the Balana peak in right.
Bathalegala (Bible rock) and Aranayaka (landslide) as seen from Balumgala
Alagalla ; as seen from the road to Balumgala.

Though I usually make a trip/hike report how to visit the places that I have been to, I am not going to make such an article on this just because the villagers in the top part of the mountain and around are not so friendly. The road which had been used to visit the place has been shut down as the communication tower which the road belongs to has sealed off. Even though there were foot paths through tea cultivation (which we found out by ourselves to go to the place) and to cross a little shrub area to approach the place, the villagers said ‘No, there ain’t anyway to go to the place.’; so they clearly don’t want any visitors in the area.

Just for the fact, turn left (when coming from the Kandy side) to the Kadugannawa – Gampola road and follow it until you get to a tar treated road on the right which leads to the Balumgala village. (There was a board referring to a temple in Balumgala.) Follow it until you may go no more along the road and then you have to find your own way to get to the place.


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