We; I and you have been chasing our dreams since the times which we became aware that we can achieve somethings in our life by working hard. It may has been learnt with experiences or shown by an elder… but still we continue to chase those so-called dreams which have now become targets and some things that have become ‘musts’s to be fulfilled within the short life span as human beings.

So far, I have been able to fulfill some of them, which were up to my potential and at the moment, am developing potentials so that I can fulfill some more of them. But this endless chain of chasing mirages make me wonder so often, is this the life I wanted..? Do I love it..? Does it inspire myself to go seek beyond the horizons I see..?

Most of the time, almost all of the time to be frank, the answer I get is NO; which makes me feel so empty minded. Just an empty body with no feelings or a passionate soul…


2 thoughts on “Emptiness

  1. This is so true… I feel so empty sometimes when I think about my future because I do not enjoy the field I’m studying. I selected it because my parents wanted me to and I knew that I had the potential to do it. But these days I frequently wonder whether I did justice to myself by sacrificing my happiness to realize my parents’ dreams. Sacrifices must be made. But they musn’t cost ur lifetime happiness😔

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