Hanthana full range hike (One day)

This journey was a mob hike which me and my group of friends organized within a day and took off. Our hope was to start the journey from Sarasavigama, then reach the Uragala summit, which is the highest peak of the range and then to hike along the range ( Katusu Konda, Hanthana1, Hanthana 2 and get down to Hanthana Udugama road.)

We gathered at Kandy clock tower bus stand where the Sarasawigama buses halt. It was about 7 O’clock when all the gang (18) were present. We took the sarasawigama bus and went on it to Sarasawigama, where the ticket is Rs.32 and it took about half an hour to reach there.

The gang…

Then on, we started walking on a concrete road which led up to a shrine, as directed by the villagers. Then we took a foot path to the right from the shrine and entered the wilderness with the directions taken towards Uragala peak.

On the concrete road

We walked about twenty minutes and came across a thick iluk field in which going through was almost impossible without hurting ourselves. So we diverted from the iluk field and walked around it towards a pine forest to our left. By this time, we were off any foot paths and were totally in the wilderness.

Decision pending – to go through or around the iluk field

The climb through the pine forest also was not easy as it seemed to be as it was so slippery due to the accumulation of non-degrading pine leaves. In case we had to climb on all four limbs or to take assistance of a stick.

Climb through the pine forest – it is harder than it seems

Then on it was a hike towards the peak through the forest blocks and some grass fields. No foot path or markings were found along the route which we hiked through.  It took about three hours of hike to reach the Katusu Konda peak, which is the second highest peak of the range.

Through the grass field.
Hanthana 1 and Hanthana 2 peaks; as seen from the Katusu Konda peak
Uragala peak; as seen from the Katusu Konda peak.

At the Katusu konda peak, we had our breakfast/lunch which made our backpacks lighter. There was a little cave at Katusu Konda and was a scary place to visit as it was a long fall if a single step was mistaken.

The cave
In the cave – Uduwela side is visible.

Then we had to decide whether to go towards Hanthana 1 or Towards Uragala. With the time we had in hand and the energy level of the participants, we decided to go towards Uragala. As we walked several minutes towards it, we were able to find fresh route marks towards Uragala (most probably by Pera Hikers.). So we took that route and were able to reach the uragala top within another hour or so.

A friendly support – on the way to Uragala.
Katusu KOnda, Hanthana 1 and Hanthana 2; as seen from the Uragala top.
Gampola side; as seen from the Uragala top.

Then we went further in the same direction and reached the stone platform with 45 degrees of angle. To reach it, had to climb down through a narrow crack in the stone and go around it.

45 degree stone platform

Then we turned around and headed towards Hanthana 1 peak passing the Katusu Konda peak again.

On the way to Hanthana 1
Hanthana peak 2 seen over Hanthana peak 1.
Transmission towers at Hanthana peak 2. The town of Kandy is visible below.

Then we took water from the towers and got down to the Hanthana-Uduwela road and started walking towards Kandy. On the way, a bus came along and we got onto it and reached Kandy town at around 6 O’clock.


  •  The hike was enjoyed a lot. But there was no need to use liquor or drugs to achieve it. Safety first; keep it in mind.
  • No journey would make joy if anyone get hurt or dies.

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