Who is the failure..?


Today’s article is based on my personal experiences in past few weeks in an engineering faculty of a government university which has a high reputation in academics.

It is the fact that; most of the colleagues of mine are so insensitive about the surrounding environment  and lack life skills that a person should possess as a common person.

Having no general idea about the country; once one of the colleagues asked whether I get to pass Kurunegala on my way to Kandy from Colombo.  It is okay if it was a suburb city… but this was regarding the head cities of the respective districts. I mean, how can a person not know such things..? Haven’t he ever seen a road map of Sri Lanka at least once in his life time..?

It is obvious that we get to use simple tools to do little repairing at our homes. Even though a normal person don’t need to be an expert in using tools, every person must have the general knowledge and ability to use tools. But some people who come to be engineers can’t even hammer a nail correctly. (I personally feel antipathetic of such people and a pathetic feeling rises about this nation, in which these buggers are citizens of.)

Not working on time is another huge drawback among them. (This is beyond my colleagues. So many people I know are late for everything, always.) The point un-comprehensible is that, why don’t these people understand that they are destroying the precious time of other people by making them wait for him/her..?

It is okay for people to make mistakes. But the doubt that arises here is that, these are the people who are considered to be the best intellectuals in the country. If these people are going to make such stupid mistakes, how can we direct the country towards progress..? So, conclusion, ‘the present education system fails to make balanced individuals, but it makes narrow-minded high functioning psychopaths with high intellectual powers and the examination system has failed to select the real intelligence among the country’s youth.’ can be made undoubtedly.

Keeping those sad deduction aside, the real question that we must ask is, ‘What are we going to do about it..?’

(Image is from web.)

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