Conservative frame ; demolish it

Escaping Criticism by Pere Borrell del Carso 

As Sri Lankans, there are so many cultural and religious margins/boundaries which we have made up and are following. It is a good thing that most of them are just for the betterment of the society and it’s flow.  But it is time for us to accept the fact that some of them are out dated and are disturbing our own well-being and development as a nation.

One of the major drawbacks our people face is the high dependence on astrology. No matter what they are going to do, they just go see an astrologer and accept astrologer’s sayings about it and decide whether to do it or not and in which way it must be done based on those sayings, rather than making  his/her deductions on their own by observing the social status, market movements etc. The point that must be stressed is that, there may or may not be an impact on people by planets, but you must not depend on them. Let those celestial bodies be there in the space… do what you have to do now. don’t wait for a ‘auspicious time’ to come,wasting ‘precious time’.

The literacy in the country is another fact that must be questioned. The statistics say that the country has a high literacy rate as almost all the citizens know how to write, read and use language. That does not mean that all those literate people have knowledge about modern technology and science (specially, to use technology in a correct and useful way). As we are in a technological era which is developing exponentially, it has become a must to educate the citizens about technology and how to use them properly. (As an example, we can see even the people with low incomes can afford a smart phone these days. But do they; all the smart phone users, use  that precious piece of technology to plan the day, get the newest international news, to manage the incomes and expenses, etc. other than calling, messaging and using SM..? )

Another poser that is associated with literacy is, restriction of education to one particular stream of subjects. i.e The students of art subjects restrict themselves to those subjects only. They take no approach towards understanding sciences. With the personal experiences I’ve gathered, I think it is just because of the common thought among arts students that they are less in intellectual power than science students; which is sheer humbug which is made a truth by saying again and again by parents, teachers and other parties in the society. (In the case of science students, the status is totally different and they posses a good contribution towards arts and aesthetics.)

Gender discrimination is another burning issue in South Asian countries. There are two types of gender discrimination as I see; first is the gender discrimination of females by males and the second is the gender discrimination of females by themselves. Both the cases make a great negative impact on society as females play a major role in the modern society as they manage the households while contributing to the workforce and earning living. Among the two types of discrimination types mentioned above, second one is severe (locking yourself up in a cellar by your own and throwing the key away; as I see it) and must be eliminated completely by promotion of awareness.

All the points stated above, are some of the boundaries of the conservative frame which is built up by us and are across the way to the progress. So, shouldn’t we demolish those boundaries and step towards progress..?


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