Shame ; I desperately wonder…


Once, Sri Lanka was a great country which was the native land for a  great civilization. They built a countless number of reservoirs and canals which stretched hundreds of miles,  sky-high ‘stoopa’s which weight over thousands of tons and made stone sculptures, moonstones and art work with precise proportions. We have physical evidence for those facts scattered all around the country as well as folklore which were inherited from generation to generation.

Moreover, the high intellectual status (both written and spoken) of our mother tongue depicts the knowledge that our ancient natives used to communicate among each other. But all those high standards started fading away in the later Polonnaruwa era and vanished in the Kandyan era.

That is an extract of the Sri Lankan history as per my knowledge. It makes me wonder a lot about a lot of things;

  • Is it true that an ‘outlaw’ who came from India gave birth to that great civilization..?
  • How hard could have been it to keep up alive in that feudal social structure which was active those days..? and the influence of the Buddhism to that system..
  • Why did that great civilization fell apart in late Polonnaruwa era..? was it just due to invasions, or any other collapse in social structure..?
  •  What happened to that technology they had back then..?
  • Who are ‘we’; the people living in the present, who are said to be the descendants of that great natives, but doesn’t posses even a little bit of greatness that those people had..?

I’ll just keep those questions unanswered so that you may think on your own as per your knowledge and would be glad to recommend to investigate a little more about the Sri Lankan history as it has a lot to amaze you other than the usual stuff you could find in a gov. school history book.

But finally, let me ask; ‘What are WE..? the shameless nation which boast about the history, but does nothing to make history.’

(The image is from web.)

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