Doubt ; religion and law


It is said that religion and law have been created (or got created by the human race; to be frank) in the purpose of keeping the society calm and maintain peace.

Do you think it is true..? well, I don’t.

For the known history, there have been various kinds of religions and a vast number of legislative systems throughout the globe. Despite of the era, geographical area and the social structure of those civilizations, all of them have failed to sustain. Even in the present, we can taste the chaos within the social structure even though we pretend not to see or sense.

We must not forget that most of the wars in the world are caused by religion and once upon a time slavery, hunting animals, and invading for colonization were also legal.

With  the above facts stated,  the question ‘So what is going to make and maintain peace..?’ must be obviously risen by an intellectual reader. Regarding that, 20 year old myself has no idea at all. But I would like to state a little point I have observed.

It is that, the simple men living in the rural areas are so helpful, filled up with humanity and live in peace with each other. In case, the deduction ‘the  high competitive and fast moving social structures in the highly populated civilizations is the reason for conflicts and chaos.’ will be fair to state.

p.s :

  • ethnicity seems corresponding to the legal systems mentioned here as both of them contain a list of ‘Do’s  and ‘Do Not’s .
  •  the readers are kindly requested not to misunderstand the wording religion as ‘Dharma’.
(Image is made using images from web.)

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