– A walk through the woodland walkway, Baddagana wetland park; Nature Team members –

It is hard to find what truly amuses a person. Regarding me, ‘Nature’ would be the perfect answer for the question ‘what amuses you the most..?’

Despite of my mental condition, the bluish greenery of the distant mountains, the large animals and the birds were capable to make the ‘inner me’ so calm and give it a consolement.

The newest field that made me feel so was Butterflies and Dragonflies. Even though I don’t know much about those tiny insects, who are so colourful and soundless, the exposure to the people who know about them made me interested about them.

These things stormed into my mind today because of the visit to the Baddagana wetland park with my fellow nature team members. Even though it is located in the center of an urban area, it has a good biodiversity in butterflies and dragonflies as well as birds and flora. As well, the construction of a walkway and a resource center must be appreciated because it eases the approach to observe wetlands and will surely fire up the people who has the ‘love towards nature’ hidden inside them.

Left the place at the end of the workshop session with the hope to visit it back on my own for further observations.

p.s : Have a kind request to be done from the general public who visit natural reserves. Don’t visit such places if you cannot keep up self discipline not to pollute such valuable reserves, stick to your virtual world and daily routine without visiting such places and destroying them. Here is a ‘Thank you’ in advance.




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