Independence ; since 1948.


The National Independence Day of Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka is coming up on 04th February.

Defining the word ‘independence’ in the above sentence, it is the fact that independence of administration of Sri Lankan territory is officially given to the Sri Lankans by the British crown. As a child I used to celebrate this event with my chest, full of pride about our nation and the brave souls who fought against the invaders. Looking back, I’d say that it was just because my adults tended me to do so.

As  I gained more exposure to the society and the system of working here in Sri Lanka , that pride washed away and a tenuous grief filled in. It is not the fact that I don’t love or appreciate myself being a Sri Lankan. It is the fact that I don’t like the ‘system’ of Sri Lanka, majority of it’s citizens and the  governance of it.

Even after about 60 years of the independence, we are still struggling to develop; a time period which could’ve been more than enough to get an empire built.

But that is not the point I have the doubt mainly. As individuals who are citizens of Sri Lanka, are we really independent..? Isn’t it that only the governing party changed after the 1948 independence and after every election so far, but we still remains enslaved by them..?

p.s : May this be food for thought for you while watching the National Independence Day 2017.

(Image of the Independence square is from the web.)


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